After this last set of tracks I've recorded here I've decided to make my home studio available to other songwriters and musicians. It's not been a priority for me to record other people; I've had plenty to do just working on my own music. Ultimately I'm hoping to transition to becoming a full time producer and be paid to put my stamp on the tracks of the artists I work with. I have worked in full size studios, most notably at Music Annex and also helped build Tres Virgos Studio which became Tarpan when it was sold to Michael Narada Walden. Both are state of the art facilities. Since moving to Tennessee I've done some soundtrack work for Nashville Public Television's "Tennessee Crossroads" show, which garnered two EMMMY nominations as welll as tracks for HorsepowerTV on Spike Network. My studio is a typical Mac set-up, but one thing I have that's not so typical is a Soundcraft Ghost board. It has terrific pre-amps and transparent eq. I love the retro "big board" look. The space is set up to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment that brings out the best in an artist. The way I usually work is to start with guitar and bass to a click. Once we have the basics I'll work on my own to add real drums and whatever else is neeed and charge about an hour per track. For violin, mando, pedal steel or dobro I have some players available at extra cost, or you can bring in your friends to do overdubs. I can do bands but I have some limitations so call me and we'll see if we can make it work.

Overdub/Mixing Room
Tracking Room

Soundcraft Ghost
JBL 4411 Monitors
JBL N24 Monitors
MOTU 828 A/D Conversion
8 Channel Analog Synth

SONOR Drumset
Boss Guitar Preamp
Blue Tube Preamp
AKG 414
MXL 991/V67
CAD E200
MXL Ribbon Mic
Earthworks Mic
AKG D112

Rick Millward - Songwriter's Studio
Call 615.585.3775 or

As of Oct. 1 the studio rate is now $15/hr.

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Birmingham By Morning" - Jason Courson

Jason is a multi-insturmentalist, guitar, harp, dobro, and violin player with a strong southern rock and blues background who, though new to Nashville, has in a short time established himself as a sought after player here in town, including a regular Tuesday night showcase at the Tin Roof off Music Row. His EP will be coming out in 2015. This is another live guitar/vocal with Jason adding some harp and guitar overdubs.

Birmingham Artist Jason Courson

The Simpletons "Cat In The Hat"

We don't normally do rock bands, we're more set up for singer/songwriter and acoustic music, but The Simpletons are friends of ours and so we did a rare full band session. You can hear all the songs and learn more about the Simpletons at their band page
They are a 3 piece so we put Curt (drums) and Shawn (bass) in the tracking space and Nate, the guitarist and singer in the control room. We recorded all the basic tracks in one session and it was loud and rockin' the whole time. We also shot a bit of video and made a short movie. They are a smokin' live band and 2015 is looking great with live shows and more recording.

"Grain Of Sand" from Ed Munter and the Masters of Now

This track is a bi-coastal collaboration with a Los Angeles based band that visited Nashville. We love the hypnotic groove and creative use of sound effects; you can hear samples of animal sounds among others punctuating the track. After laying down the initial guitar vocal we layered another 10 tracks of instruments and effects to make a dense but articulate bed for Ed's wonderful lyric and delivery. Overdubs were sent from LA via Dropbox as well as a sax solo from Paul Sandberg out in Nevada. This is a shortened version of a nine minute track. Ed and The Masters of Now regularly perform in California with a national tour planned.

First track in the remodeled space! Mark Haining with Misha demoed his song "Downtime"

Mark and Misha have been playing regionally and have a uniique sound highlighted by Marks bluesy growl and Mischa's pure tone. They came in and played a few songs live, just vocals and acoustic guitar. Then we added guitars, drums and some backups...a quick mix and voila! Since they didn't play to a click we had to follow the natural flow of the performance which really was like playing live. Plans are to come back and do more polished versions but I think this track has cool loose vibe that really shows off their chemistry.

Here's a sample of some tracks of my own: