Rick Millward's new collection of songs is called "Home for Good". These 10 tracks span the last 3 years and are inspired by the great concept albums like Sgt. Pepper and Dark Side of the Moon. From the opening title track to the last note of "Dancin" each song leads to the next and builds a narrative using themes that explore these complex times and the world we inhabit with simple and straightforward lyrics and compelling melodies. Rick is in full voice telling stories of sin and redemption, love and hope.

          "Home for Good" can only be purchased from CD Baby and Rick is intentionally restricting buyers to all 10 songs as a collection so they can be listened to in order at one sitting.          

          Mindful of the explosion of music available to listeners today, and without the means to market his music nationally, Rick is hopeful that those who purchase "Home for Good" will want to share the music with others and through word of mouth the project will find a wider audience.

About Rick:

          Rick Millward is a different kind of artist; he likes to call himself a "songwriter/producer", a writer who's also an accomplished recording engineer who can record his own tracks and those of others. Since music is a collaborative enterprise this profile fits well into the Nashville community, where there is so much talent seeking a way to reach wider audiences. He works out of his home studio where he produces clients and friends, with projects ranging from simple demos to albums, as well as commercial soundtracks.

          Raised on a small farm in Idaho, Rick lived and worked on the West Coast until moving to Nashville in 2000. He played in groups all through school, studied art in college and afterwards alternated between jobs with ad agencies and working in bands. In San Francisco, he joined The Overland Freight Band. This was the first group that had ambitions beyond doing covers in beer joints and the first opportunity to regularly perform original material. Following that he left to “go solo” and put his own band together and subsequently played around the Bay Area, as well as working as a recording engineer. Since moving to Nashville Rick has continued to freelance in media production, which afforded him an opportunity to write two original soundtracks for the local PBS station, both of which earned EMMY nominations.

          Rick has developed a personal style that reflects a lifetime of influences; rock, country, and Americana, with songs that are unaffected and straightforward. This music is extremely personal, but not painfully so. Rick finds a common thread that connects the ideas to his listeners with maturity and an urgency that stirs the soul.          

Since moving to Nashville he has recorded three other collections of songs.
To hear those tracks click below:

Homemade (2005)

I Still Believe (2008)

Scrapbook (2011)

Limited Edition (2013)